Central Access to All Library Users During Movement Control Order (MCO) Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Keep Library Book

Please keep library books until library reopens

Book Renewals

Please renew library books online via https://pustaka2.upsi.edu.my/index/

No Fines

No late fines will be charged during this closure

Contact Us

For further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact our librarians. See below for more information.

Latest News

Information and resources that you might need during library closure from 18 March to 12 May 2020. Click on [See All News Posts] below for past releases.

The Frontliners

Contact any of librarians below. Remember to be nice and friendly. They are human too 🙂

En. Afzanizam

012 – 313 6776

Circulations and

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Pn. Nur Hanizah

013 – 521 0469


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Pn. Anizah

019 – 546 8443

Reference and

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En. Nurul Kashfi

013 – 202 6446

Reference and

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ICT Supports

Contact any of officers below regarding our ICT resources and infrastructures:

Library portal and UPSI Digital IR

en. mohd hizam
013 – 205 3495
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EZproxy access and ICT Infrastructures.

en. khairul asyrani
016 – 363 0263
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Administration and Management

Below are contact information for higher ranking officers:

Pn.Siti Sumaizan

Chief Librarian

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Cik Noriha

Sr. Deputy Chief Librarian

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En.Mohamed Zaid

Dep. Chief Librarian
(Service & Reference)

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En.Mohd Razalli

Dep. Chief Librarian

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