sWADAH Build 20190911

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sWADAH Build 20190911

September 11, 2019 sWADAH 0

New releases ! Build 20190911 now available as an update or download a fresh copy.

New install:
Choose sWADAH_20190911_files_install if you want to start a new install alongside with sWADAH_20190911_database_install.

If you want to update, just select sWADAH_20190911_files_update and overwrite the original files with a new ones. For Build 20190911, no database update required. Before updating, if you do not have config.user.php, now it is the time to do so 🙂

What’s New:

  • Default input is MARC, user must select either simple field layout or MARC layout for inputting new record. No more switching between mode to ensure integrity.
  • Build number now work as separate file. Before it was in config.php
  • We have set to false as default for those tags that unrelated to digital documents.

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