sWADAH Build 20200201

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sWADAH Build 20200201

January 24, 2020 sWADAH 0

New releases ! Build 20200201 will be available for new install. Please be informed that you will need at least PHP7.2 and MariaDB 10.3 for this release.

Notice: Older version (2019X) for sWADAH will be supported by us until end of 2020. This new 2020X release will not be available as an update package. We are truly sorry for inconvenient. But, if you are adventurous and technical enough, the migration is still possible.

Version 2020X onwards will be available as update package between one another and any other future releases of 2021X etc.

New install:
Choose sWADAH_2020X_files_install if you want to start a new install alongside with sWADAH_2020X_database_install to install the database.

What’s new:

  • Full OAI-PMH 2.0 support. Now support set based on item types.
  • Full text download (PDF) URL now fully masked and only available for a limited time per user.
  • New pdf-to-text engine, require installation of composer on target web server OS and run composer update via terminal/command prompt in sWADAH directory. More information refer here: https://github.com/smalot/pdfparser
    This new parser works well with huge amount of PDF samples we had. If you have technical expertise, enable the usage of this engine on config.php. It is not set on by default.
  • Unified all fields search for guest page.
  • Support references metadata on item registration.
  • Deletion now has two option, one is the deleted item will never be deleted but it will not be able to search (hidden) and can be recover. The second one is it will deleted permanently. Refer config.php for documentation.
  • Self deposit function by depositor availability. User may now deposit their own materials for pending approval by admin. This function is disable by default. Refer config.php for documentation.
  • Bug fixes and performance implementation through-out all codes.

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