About Us

Software development at Tuanku Bainun Library was started way back in 2009 when we first developed our very first product: iSYS. iSYS was to cater the need of a system to handle newspaper cutting so that the articles can be distribute widely without the user have to come to the library.

That was a game changing history where we were seeing the number of users viewed our newspaper cutting collection were sky rocketed since its introduction. Now, iSYS is serving over 80,000 article in various fields and topics.

Since then, we have internally developed many others software/web-based system to ease various aspect of our management and of course, to ease our users of finding the right resources to them.

Now, we are still going strong in the software development field and has introduce several system that have been open sourced by us in order to gain more feedback and also to gain more usage.

Apart from open sourcing our software, some of software that we put some effort on has been into commercialise to better suit our potential clients.

If you have any questions regarding any of our internally developed software, kindly contact Mr. Khairul Asyrani at asyrani@upsi.edu.my for more information.

Below are some of our experiences in software development to help either the library users or to ease our daily work-routines:

  1. iSYS – Newspaper cutting indexing and archiving system [PHP5, MySQL]
  2. Pustaka VRS – Library vendors rating and evaluation system [PPH5,MySQL]
  3. Pustaka MinuteDoc – Minutes of meeting management system (PHP5, MySQL)
  4. Pustaka Vital – Place booking, item loaning and ICT incidents report system (PHP7, MariaDB)
  5. Pustaka iMedia – Audio/Visual materials (DVD/VCD/Kit) booking system complete with video trailers previewing support and internal rating system [PHP7,MariaDB]
  6. Pustaka iPhoto – Photographs management system (based on iSYS engine) (PHP7, MariaDB)
  7. SiberPROP – Library user education management system: book place in classes, facilitators management, scheduling etc. (PHP7, MariaDB)
  8. Sistem Profil Penerbitan Pensyarah – Lecturer publication profiling system (PHP7, MariaDB)
  9. MyLiST – Malaysia Academic Libraries statistical dashboard (PHP7, MariaDB)
  10. ReCentSYS – Small to mid size library management system (PHP7, MariaDB)
  11. EZproxy Statistic Generator – Read EZproxy log file and parse them to generate access statistic (PHP7)
  12. sWADAH – Digital IR system (PHP7,MariaDB)
  13. OffPAC – Offline public access catalogue app for Android and iOS (Appcelerator/Titanium)

Contact us:

Division of Automation Management,
Tuanku Bainun Library,
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris,
35900 Tanjong Malim,
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.
Telephone : +60 16 363 0263 (Trucaller enabled)
Email: pustakasys@upsi.edu.my