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A word on sWADAH 2022Y LTS

Transitioning to sWADAH 2022Y LTS will be a peace of mind for 5 years as it will be supported until 2027. Moving forward we will also introduce 2023A in 2023. It will be a cutting edge release and will not be made available through this website. Bug fixes will be available throughout the lifecycle of…
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December 15, 2022 0

sWADAH : config.php & config.user.php

Video ini menjelaskan mengenai fungsi kedua-dua fail ini. This video shows the usage and function of these two files.

September 5, 2019 0

sWADAH : Video instalasi di Centos 7 64-bit

Untuk keterangan terperinci rujuk di / For complete reference on installation, refer here :

September 4, 2019 0


We have successfully making this site workable and filled with relevant contents. sWADAH and EZproxy Statistic Generator installation files will be follow as soon as possible. Up until now, the only installation files available on this site is Pustaka VRS. Stay tune.

August 1, 2019 0


We will populate the contents for 4 software within this week and hopefully to end it by mid-August. Stay tuned.

July 29, 2019 0